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Congressman Scott Akin has caused a major furor with his recent comments about rape. He and his Republican cohorts have been seeking to educate the public to types of rapes other than those of "forcible nature." Apparently Akin has been carried away on the wings of poesy, somehow confusing rape with "rapture," which happens to be at the roots of the word and which has also carried him off as well.

rape is rape
The Akin Guide to Types of Rape

The Eyeball: "Your lips tell me, 'No-no,' but there's 'Yes, yes' in your eyes".

The Fashion Plate: "Check out your cleavage and underwear or lack of same. What message do your clothes send?"

The Let's Catch a Bite Sometime: "You should have been smart enough to know what this sucker was up to in the first place; if there's anyone to blame, it's you."

The Name of the Game: "Did you actually believe he'd stop at first base? Why didn't you stop him as he rounded second and slid into third. You had to know he had his heart (sic) set on home plate?"

The Gotcha! : "Admit it. You're setting a trap and you're the bait. Well lookee here what you caught, and now you're bitching about it!?"

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