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The Wordspy - Recently coined words and phrases used in new ways

Sex Satire, Parody & Wordplay - General

Detailed Yahoo Listing

Listing of Humor Erotica Sites

Humor Erotica - A listing of such Sites

Funny Euphemisms for Sex sites

Sex Satire, Parody & Wordplay - Specific

The Expresso Tilt Penis Page

Funny World Sex Records

Insults, Curse Words, Slang Words, Swear Words, Profanity & Obscenity

Maledicta, The International Journal of Verbal Aggression - your search begins and ends here

Dirty Quotes & Sayings

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101 Sex quotes

Comedy Zone

Famous quotes on sex

Famous Sexual quotes

Favorite Sex and Sexuality quotations

Notable Sex quotes

More sex quotes - A truly comprehensive and cool compilation

Quotes about Sex

Rude Humor

Sexicon for Lovers and Others - Movie quotations and much more.

Think /Exist Sex Quotes

Literate Sex

Clean Sheets, links - An annotated listing of the best erotica sites

Clean Sheets

Dr. Susan Block