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You can never have enough obscenity, slang and profanity, especially if you are one of our regulars - intrepid and insatiable verbivores who know no limits. For your pleasure and edification we offer the very best the Web has to offer.

Sexual Dictionaries, Glossaries, and Lexicons

Sex Talk

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A Glossary of Sexual Slang

Dictionary of Sexology - From the Society for Human Sexuality

Dictionary of Sexual terms and expressions

Dirty Slang Dictionary

Glossary of Sexual and Scatological Expressions, A listing, nothing more

Guide to Sexual Health and Pleasure - From the New Zealand Health Information Network.

The Infamous Dirty Slang Page

Number One Sexual Health Terms Advisor

On line Slang Dictionary

Scribd, Dirty Slang Dictionary

Slang Search - Sex slang, toilet slang, and more, search alphabetically or by topic, incomplete, porn marquee

The Sex Dictionary - Truly comprehensive collection of slang terminology, though heavily interlaced with porn and commercialism

The Sexuality Dictionary - From "How to Have Good Sex" a daily newsletter on the topic

Urban dictionary

Weird Sex Slang Terms

Yahoo Sex and Sexuality Sites

Gay & Lesbian Slang Words

Aaron's Dictionary of Gay Terms - A Comprehensive and elegant compendium

Adult Sexual Health Terms Advisor - Commercialism alert

Gay City - A simple listing

Gay Slang Terms - Comprehensive and witty once you make it past the candy-colored motif

A Glossary of Sexual Terms from Gay Lib - A simple listing

The Gay Slang Dictionary

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Body Part Slang Words

All about my penis - No better place to learn about this intriguing organ, not really a language site, but ...

Brian Parker, Sex-pert on Vagina on Youtube. - Synonyms plus discussion

Huge List of names for your penis

Metaphors and Similes for Breasts in the Romance Novels - From a true aficionado, a real kick

Monty Python's Penis song

More at The penis

Official Vagina Monologues website

Penis Synonyms

Penis synonyms from Austin Powers: The Spy that Shagged Me

Richard Herrings' The Talking Cock - One man's answer to the Vagina's monologues: highly amusing

Synonyms for the vagina in "Love Your Vagina," - song (from Mooncup a menstrual cup manufacturer

Terms for the Penis and its Activities in Romance Novels - A great public service, hilarious

The Pussy List - Hundreds of synonyms for the Female Genitalia, a simple non-annotated listing

The BBC on Farts and Flatulence

Things you didn't know about your penis

Wickipedia on the Penis

Masturbation Slang Words

Masturbation Terms - A simple listing (Men and women)

Short List of Masturbation Terms - Incomplete and boring

Suggested List of Terms for Women - A so-so compendium for women doing it

Now for Something a Little Different

Adult Sexual Health Terms advisor on sex toys - Terse and humorless

Encyclopedia of Unusual Sexual Practices - Only for the strong of heart (or whatever organ you might favor). Over 750 descriptions in over 400 sections, some 150 illustrations. To see the glossary of terms, scroll the left frame all the way to the bottom and click on "Glossary of Terms" (book tie-in)

Sex Toy Dictionary - A comprehensive information on sex toys, nomenclature and usage, commercial tie-ins but still valuable

69 Ways of Saying "You Whore" - A great list on a single topic

Classical and Biblical Smut

Books on Chaucer's references to sex and scatology

The Dark Bible

Dirty Bible Verses

Dirty Jokes in Shakespeare

Shakespeare's hidden dirty jokes

Six most raunchy and depraved sex acts in the Bible

Skeptics Annotated Bible

X-Rated Pornography in the Bible

Other Slang Words

Museum of Menstruation and Woman's Health - The penultimate site on the topic. Check out not only the section on "words and expressions" but the other valuable and fascinating material therein