Bawdy Language

A sexual reference book like no other
Everything you always wanted to do but were afraid to say

Media Kit

Interview Questions

  1. Could you explain to those who are not familiar with the book exactly what it's all about... in a few decent words that is?
  2. You say it is an important book, how so? What do you mean when you say that the words we use in talking about our body tells us a lot how we think about it, how we think about ourselves and how we relate to others?
  3. Why are people so afraid of these words? Explain about euphemisms, what they are and how we use them.
  4. You are currently championing the use of the four letter words, maintaining that they are not obscene, calling instead for a new approach to them and to the language in your "Bawdy Manifesto." What is that all about? What are your thoughts on censorship? On filtering?
  5. You've been conducting an ongoing poll on how people talk about their bodies. Could you tell us a bit about it and the results? .
  6. What ever possessed you to write a book like this?
  7. Do you consider the study of dirty words to be legitimate scholarship?
  8. Who is the audience for this book?
  9. What is your background? What qualifies you to write a book like this? How long did it take you to write it?
  10. What are Shakespeare, Aristophanes, St. Augustine, and Chaucer doing in the company of Austin Powers and Rodney Dangerfield?
  11. You talk about the sexism in Bawdy language. What do you mean by that? Give examples of man's control and influence over the way we talk about sex, and how it is demeaning to women. The story of Adam's first wife (it wasn't Eve) and words like hussy, chick, buxom, and slut.
  12. What are some of your favorite quotations? Could you give a few examples? Read from your favorite sections?
  13. Could you tell us the story behind of some of the more interesting words in your book, such as fuck, hooker, faggot, condom, harlot, syphilis, son-of-a-gun, bastard, lap dog, fornication, red-light district
  14. What has been the reaction to the book? Critics? Ordinary people?