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Side effects may include bloated retina, collapsed vagina, anal rash, nasal drip, and double vision. Contact an emergency room psychologist for an erection lasting longer than 20 seconds.

Any further questions regarding individual circumstances should be directed towards your general practitioner/pharmacist/veterinarian. As to any contemplated legal action, tell your lawyer that Dr. Bawdy says he should simply "Fuck off!"

Sex can take many different turns. It can be a slight turn from the norm—a mere diversion (from the Latin di and vertere) or a complete u-turn (per) away from that which is normal, creating a perversion ( from per and vertere). Think you’d like a spot of perving (c.1925, Australia)? Fine. But only in moderation.

As Voltaire reminded us upon declining a second invitation to an orgy, "Once a philosopher, twice a pervert."

We heard recently of a spot (and spoof) of the sexual other: a young man in Arkansas who has an erotic thing about balloons. "Latex lunacy," you say. Hey, be not so quick to judge. Here's a guy who honestly loves balloons, and you're going to puncture his fantasy? That's cold!

baloon pervert

If you think it's all just so much hot air, you wouldn’t be wrong. There's already a subset of such fetishists whose thing is inhaling the helium. Balloon purists, the pure cuddlers, are quick to dismiss these folks, noting how "they simply suck."

Whatever floats your balloon. Right? The big Balloon Fetish Convention is scheduled for October 31 at the Dirigible in Las Vegas. Feel free to float on in.


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