Bawdy Language

A sexual reference book like no other
Everything you always wanted to do but were afraid to say

Dr. Bawdy's counseling is wholly provided for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for qualified medical advice from a licensed healthcare professional. If you're dumb enough to take it, you'll just have to suffer the consequences.

Side effects may include bloated retina, collapsed vagina, anal rash, nasal drip, and double vision. Contact an emergency room psychologist for an erection lasting longer than 20 seconds.

Any further questions regarding individual circumstances should be directed towards your general practitioner/pharmacist/veterinarian. As to any contemplated legal action, tell your lawyer that Dr. Bawdy says he should simply "Fuck off!"

Dr. Bawdy Speaks…And So Do You

Welcome to Dr. Bawdy Speaks—where the esteemed scientist of human behavior shares with you his thoughts on the goings-on sexually speaking in today’s culture and where you can dialogue directly with him on these matters. Here you will also find archived materials from his advice column.

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Dr. Bawdy is here to serve you. Write him with your thoughts and your problems. His heart and groin is open to your suffering, confusion, and ignorance.

Are you one of the few who don’t know who Dr. Bawdy is? After recovering from your severe embarrassment, you might want to learn more about the man behind the book. A good start would be “Dr. Bawdy: His Life and Times.”

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Then turn your attention to the good book itself. Bawdy Language that was written by Larry Paros with the help of Dr. bawdy is the last word on you-know-what.

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