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Amongst his many talents, Dr. Bawdy is also an intrepid investigative reporter. Thanks to his efforts and a good camera, he can now share with you the first photos of Anthony’s Weiner. We first met him at Nathan’s hot dog eating competition. It was there that Joey Chestnut, winner of the contest endorsed Weiner in the mayoral race.

bawdy anthony weiner
Anthony’s Weiner in competition with the others

bawdy anthony weiner
Anthony’s Weiner in solitary contemplation

As a good Jewish American and a firm (what else?) supporter of Israel, Anthony’s Weiner professes to be 100% Kosher and a cut above the rest. Hebrew National, what else? We will resist saying how he does so with great relish.

Asked to explain his tweeting activity, he refused comment, saying “ I answer to a higher power.” Pressed further, as to when he might elaborate further, Weiner added, “When the moment is right.” This did not go over well with the press, however, who charged him with failure to rise to the occasion and flip-flopping.

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bawdy anthony weinerbawdy anthony weiner

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bawdy anthony weiner

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