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muslim preacher by doctor bawdy

It may be too late for those of you who have already sinned, but thanks to Al Arabiya, you have been put on warning for next year.

An Egyptian Salafi preacher said those celebrating Valentine’s Day or selling items related to the event are “committing a sin and will burn in hell”.

In an online video posted Wednesday, Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, known as “Abu Islam” and owner of the private television channel of “al-Ummah,”referred to February 14 as ‘adultery day’
“February 14th,we celebrate “adultery” day. The Christian church will surely celebrate this day but I urge all Muslims and those who fear God, not to use anything tinted in red. Even al-Ahli team will not wear its red jersey” he said referring to the Egyptian national football team.

Abu Islam added that women going out to celebrate this day are considered ‘adultery and prostitution’.

“We [Muslims] do not have fornicators, we do not commit sins. Valentine’s Day represents for the Christians, a celebration for adultery and prostitution, and those who go out on this day are prostitutes. Each prostitute would choose a guy with whom she will spend her day and night” he said.

Abu Islam then further decided to ban all Muslim females in the Arab world from enjoying this day and indulging in what the celebrations has to offer.

“That was only the beginning, because they celebrate each and every saint’s day. They spend their life in celebration and “promiscuity”. What does love mean for them? Adultery, prostitution and obscenity” the preacher added.

The preacher has previously been accused of the defamation of religion. The Public Prosecution has received several notifications accusing him of defaming Christianity through statements he had made to the “Tahrir” newspaper.

He and his son also previously tore and burnt a bible in front of the U.S. Embassy in Egypt during last year’s protest against a U.S.-made film mocking Islam’s founder.

Washington refused to comment formally on his declaration, noting only a cryptic, “ Drone on on…drone on.”

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