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Well, it's time to further expand your knowledge of sexual satire, slang words, curse words, dirty words, obscenity and profanity. Click on any book cover or title for more information. Another click allows you to make a purchase, adding yet one more dirty book to your collection. will deliver it to your doorstep and yours truly will receive a small commission in the process, helping us to continue our good work. As any good etymologist might say, "Take our word for it."

More great sexy-wordy books

bawdy language books on amazon
The Language of Sadomasochism

by Thomas E. Murray and Thomas Murrell
by John Ayto
by Judith S. Neaman, Carole G. Silver
by Keith Allan, Kate Burridge
by Judith S. Neaman
by Judith S. Neaman, Carole G. Silver
by Jeremy Lawrence
by R. W. Holder (Editor)
by Anne Bertram, NTC Publishing Group
by Norma Klein
bawdy language books on amazon, The Erotic Word
The Erotic Word

by David McLain Carr
bawdy language books on amazon, Depraved and Insulting English
Depraved and Insulting English

by Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea
bawdy language books on amazon, Wimmin, Wimps and Wallflowers
Wimmin, Wimps and Wallflowers

by Philip H. Herbst, Morris Dees